Is this your first time visiting Salt Pump?

We promise you’ll learn something new, and make new friends along the way, the very first time you climb with us! First timers can visit the gym and purchase a Day Pass and start bouldering and using our Auto-Belays immediately. Many first time climbers choose to take an Intro to Climbing class, offered daily:

Intro to Climbing Class

This is where you learn to rock climb. In this two hour course, you’ll learn all the fundamentals to being a top rope climber and belayer, including basic climbing knots, proper belay technique, and communication. This class also includes a short introduction to climbing movement and bouldering, route reading, and instruction in how to use our auto belays.

Registrants must be 14 years of age, no climbing experience required.

SCHEDULE: Weekdays from 6:00-8:00 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00-3:00 pm. Prior Reservation Strongly Encouraged.

PRICE: $40 includes two hours of instruction, rental gear and a free two week membership trial (an additional $34 value)! 10% Discount for members.


Climbing is an activity that comes naturally to kids – the challenge, for many adults, is to rediscover their inner child.

More Information

WHO: All ages and abilities are welcome. Typically, a first time climber will take an introductory class to learn about the facility and safe climbing practices.

WHAT: Climbing, fitness, fun, and friends is what we’re about. You can come use the climbing walls, fitness (cardio and strength) equipment on your own, join others for ongoing instructional climbing and fitness programs, participate in special events and competitions, or utilize our space for private birthday parties and meetings. Learn something new!

WHERE: Brand new, bright and spacious 10,000 square foot facility situated on a lovely pond ringed by birch trees in Scarborough.

WHEN: With a few exceptions, we are open daily, year round. Here are our open hours. Check out adult instruction and kids programs, too.

WHY: Everyone has their reasons for climbing: To develop fitness, to cross train, to learn something new. All we can say is that our facility and staff will make your experience extraordinary. Come on in and challenge yourself in a safe, welcoming environment. This is climbing.

HOW: We have equipment to rent, including climbing shoes and harnesses, and we offer regular group and private instructional opportunities to help you “learn the ropes.” After a basic two hour introductory class, you can be climbing with ropes on your own! You may also climb in our shorter “bouldering” area (no ropes required) without taking an introductory class.

Consider completing our digital waiver before visiting to make the registration process a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is belaying?

A: Belaying refers to a variety of techniques climbers use to exert friction on a climbing rope so that a falling climber does not fall very far. Learn more.

Q: Do I need to schedule a visit or can I just show up?

A: We encourage first time climbers to register for an intro to climbing course. If you have been climbing before but are coming alone or don’t know how to belay, you can schedule a ‘private gym guide’ to climb with during your visit. If you are self sufficient, please come anytime during business hours to boulder, rope climb, or take a yoga or fitness class.

Q. What kind of climbing can I do by myself?

A: We have many instructional programs available to you, check out the adult programs and kids programs for options. If it’s your first time climbing we highly recommend taking an Intro to Climbing course, which you can take alone.

Bouldering (climbing shorter distances with no rope) is also a great option when visiting alone, and you are likely to meet other climbers as well. Qualified belayers may also access our autobelay devices which are set up on some of the roped wall climbs while climbing alone or with others, just ask for a brief safety and usage tutorial from a staff member first.

Q: What kind of gear do I need for climbing? Do you have rental gear available?

A: Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing for climbing.

If you’ll be roped climbing you’ll need to wear a harness (not necessary for bouldering). We recommend using climbing-specific shoes while climbing, though this is not required so you can use comfortable athletic shoes for climbing if you prefer.

We do have harnesses, climbing shoes and belay devices available for rent.

Bring a water bottle and some snacks for your visit, too.

Q: How old does my child need to be to climb?

A: We have programs for children as young as 18-36 months! For roped climbing, the child must be able to wear a harness correctly and follow instructions for safely climbing and using the ropes.

Q: What can I do while my child is climbing?

A: We invite you to try out climbing too, if you’d like! If not climbing, we also have fitness equipment available for use, and yoga and wellness classes too. Or feel free to just relax in one of our many hang out zones inside or outside the gym. We are also close to grocery stores, shopping, coffee shops and restaurants, so if your child is older than 14, you can take off for that. Kids under 14 must be supervised, however, so if your child is under 14, please either stick around or sign them up for one of our many programs.