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Climbing is an activity that comes naturally to kids; the challenge for many adults is to rediscover their inner child.

The 5 W's

WHO: All ages and abilities are welcome. Typically, a first time climber will take an introductory class to learn about the facility and safe climbing practices. Consider completing our digital waiver before visiting to make the registration process a breeze!

WHAT: Climbing, fitness, fun, and friends is what we’re about. You can come use the climbing walls, fitness (cardio and strength) equipment on your own, join others for ongoing instructional climbing and fitness programs, participate in special events and competitions, or utilize our space for private birthday parties and meetings. If you want to see our facility in action, check out the video below!

WHERE: Bright and spacious 10,000 square foot facility situated on a lovely pond ringed by birch trees in Scarborough, ME.

WHEN: With a few exceptions, we are open daily, year round. Here are our open hours. Check out adult instruction and kids programs, too.

WHY: Everyone has their reasons for climbing: to develop fitness, to cross train, to learn something new. All we can say is that our facility and staff will make your experience extraordinary. Come on in and challenge yourself in a safe, welcoming environment. This is climbing.

HOW: We have equipment to rent, including climbing shoes and harnesses, and we offer regular group and private instructional opportunities to help you learn the ropes. Our basic two hour introductory class will teach you to climbwith ropes on your own! More information and registration is below. First timers who do not take the class can climb in our shorter bouldering area or on our 7 auto-belays.

Intro to Climbing Class

This is where you learn to rock climb. In this two hour course, you’ll learn all the fundamentals to being a top rope climber and belayer, including basic climbing knots, proper belay technique, and communication. This class also includes a short introduction to climbing movement and bouldering, route reading, and instruction in how to use our auto belays.

Registrants must be 14 years of age, no climbing experience required.

SCHEDULE: Weekdays from 6:00-8:00 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00-3:00 pm. Prior Reservation Strongly Encouraged.

PRICE: $40 includes two hours of instruction, rental gear and a free two week membership trial (an additional $34 value)! 10% Discount for members.

Friendly staff, amazing intro class! I walked away from my class feeling not only confident in my own saftey while climbing but comfortable and confident about ensuring others are safe as well. Highly recommend it to anyone, and this is coming from a guy with a nasty fear of heights!

- Facebook Reviewer

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