Youth Programs

Climbing is an adventure.

We know what to do with kids! Climbing activities come naturally to kids, let them explore at Salt Pump. Our programs give kids a place to solve problems, work together, explore calculated risks and learn that we all fall on our way to the top.


After School Programs

Play games, learn climbing skills, enjoy peer interaction and lots of climbing…all with a challenge-by-choice philosophy.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your little adventurer and make memories that will last a lifetime with the help of an experienced facilitator.

Climbing Teams

Our teams allow kids to develop a growth mindset, problem solving skills and build confidence while supporting each other's success.


Single day camps to weeklong adventures and everything in between for kids who are looking for something new and different to do.

End the day with play...

Afterschool Programs

What to do with kids? Kids have a lot of energy. We’ve got the place for them to have fun and try hard.

Our afterschool kids activities and programs are designed to help them discover basic movement patterns, learn technical and safety skills and terminology and, of course, have fun! Programs are organized as small groups led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors. Curriculum is developmentally appropriate and skills are practiced through circular learning. Gym membership included during each quarter.

Little Ninjas

3-4 yo

A great first introduction to climbing and obstacle courses with someone who gets little kids.

  • 3:1 ratio
  • 45 minutes of facilitated fun!


5-7 yo

Learn the basics of climbing, meet new friends, and climb, climb, climb! 4:1 ratio. Date and time and curriculum details at registration link.


8-10 yo

On the wall games, confidence building and the basics of climbing, belaying and rappelling. 6:1 ratio. Date and time and curriculum details at registration link.

Climbing Club

11-14 yo

Practice the basics of climbing, meet new friends, build trust, and work towards your goals. 6:1 ratio. Date and time and curriculum details at registration link.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate at our place!

Give your little one an unforgettable experience! Party includes 90 minutes of facilitated climbing-focused fun and kids activities, followed by 30 minutes in a private party space for your food and song. Our enthusiastic party guides will help everyone enjoy and stay safe on the big day.

Climbing Teams

Where we learn a lot about success by trying, falling and trying again.

Our teams programs provide a unique opportunity for kids to grow as climbers and humans. Weekly practices allow for physical and mental skill development through goal setting, structured training and camaraderie. Outdoor climbing adventures are offered regularly to those in the teams program. Climbing often becomes a favorite of the kids' activities!

Some (but not all) of our youth team members choose to participate in competition climbing, which in the US is organized by USA Climbing. There are two seasons in competitive climbing, the bouldering season in the fall and the rope season in the spring. Each season has “Qualifying Events” that will lead up to the Championship Season. Those who qualify will be invited to Regional, Divisional and/or National Championships. Salt Pump sends coaches to at least three Qualifying Events and to Championship level events.

Tryouts are held quarterly.

Rec Team

Ages 8-16

The Recreational Team is ideal for kids looking to push themselves through structured training in a non-competitive setting.

  • 4p - 6p
  • 6 : 1 ratio
  • $250/mo
  • Membership & rentals included
  • Schedule TBD
Rec Team 960x640px


Full day and half day programs for kids 5yo to 14yo.

Wondering what to do with the kids during those summer and holiday breaks? From single day to week-long adventures, Salt Pump camps offer an inspired space to move, create, learn and laugh. We foster a challenge by choice environment full of climbing, games, rooting each other on, and trying hard whether it’s 5ft off the ground or 45ft. Camps are packed with activities designed to engage and inspire kids.

Flower Holds 640x800px

Holi-DAY Camps

School break climbing fun.

Salt Pump parents night out 2560x1920px

Parent's Night Out

Climbing, pizza, & a movie.

Kids Anchors 960x640px

Summer Camps

Instruction and adventure.

Questions about Salt Pump Portsmouth youth programs and kids activities?