Plan A Visit

First time climbing? Looking for new indoor activities? Let's plan your visit!

Bouldering walls up to 16'.
Fitness center with cardio & weights.
Training area with a campus board, 12x12 Kilter board, and a 20' wide 35 degree Spray Wall.
Walk ins welcome / no reservation required!

Here are the 3 steps to get started:

1. Fill out a WAIVER online.

Anyone who wants to walk around at SP, climbing or not, needs to have a waiver. Waivers MUST be filled out by the individual (if 18 or over) OR a minor’s PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN (no exceptions).

2. Come to Salt Pump!

We don’t take reservations, so just come and climb. Feel free to look at our occupancy counter to see how busy we are. Your first visit will include a complimentary tour and orientation so you will know what is available to you for climbing, as well as some basic risk management.

3. Start Climbing!

Purchase a day-pass and rentals (if needed). We are set up to be a self-facilitated experience, but our knowledgeable staff are always near to answer any questions!

If you really enjoyed yourself, we’ll apply the cost of your day-pass and rentals to a membership! (only on the day of your visit).


Salt Pump Portsmouth is very first-timer friendly! You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers.

Still have questions?

Contact us and we'll get you an answer.

Gear Policy

If you do not have any climbing gear, then no problem! We can rent you all of the gear you may need to climb (harness, shoes, chalk, belay device, etc). You can also find gear for purchase in our retail shop!


UIAA approved harnesses for rock climbing that are in good condition are recommended for climbing at Salt Pump. Feel free to ask staff if you’re unsure about your harness. Salt Pump reserves the right to disqualify a harness from use based on harness age, wear, intended use or other safety concern.

Belay Devices

Only Tube & Aperture devices (ex. ATC, Verso, etc) AND assisted braking devices (ex. Grigri, Vergo, etc) are allowed. No Figure 8s, plate devices or munter hitches allowed.

Only climbing shoes are allowed for climbing at Salt Pump. We prefer them to be clean, but it doesn’t matter how old they may be!

Belaying Policy

Anyone who wishes to climb our roped walls at SP needs to be certified to do so. Our minimum certification is for the auto-belay and you can receive that during your initial orientation.

Top Rope belay tests are required for anyone who would like to belay others (not needed if you are the climber with a certified belayer).

  • Top Rope belay minimum age : 14
  • Auto-belay minimum age to operate alone is 14. A climber under 14 can have a 14 year old or older help them operate the Auto-belay.

If Salt Pump is busy, you may need to wait for a belay test. Only one belay test per day per person. If you do not pass the belay test, you will be informed why you did not pass the test (and the corrected technique) and you can return as early as the next day to retest. However, you can still climb without having passed your belay test.

Our belay tests have three parts : Proper harness fit, tying the retrace figure 8 knot and belaying (inclusive of safety checks and belay commands).

Top Rope test takers need not have a partner present to test.

The only people who can teach belaying at Salt Pump are our staff. No friend-to-friend teaching is allowed.