Benefits of Gym Membership!

Full climbing & fitness access

At both our Portsmouth, NH and Scarborough, ME locations during open hours.

Guest Passes

Rope in friends and family with 1 free guest pass per month.

Free Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are included with your Salt Pump gym membership.

Salt Pump Discounts

Enjoy 10% off retail purchases and 50% off intro classes.

Quarterly Gym Member Parties

Celebrate the Salt Pump community with climbing, comps, food/drink, and benefit raffles.

Partner Discounts

10% discount at Portland Pie & Flatbread. Discount with the rewards program for gym members.

Monthly Renewing Memberships (EFT)

Must sign EFT contract.

Adult & Discounted EFT


$85 per month

18 & Over

Discounted (10%)

$76.50 per month

Applies to youth 17 & under, students w/ ID, active military & veterans w/ ID, 65 yo & over, AAC Members, & Portsmouth Civil Services w/ ID.

Available for purchase at the front desk.

Family EFT

Family EFTs are available for purchase at the front desk.

1st Person

$85 per month


2nd Person

$76.50 per month

Any Second Family Member

3rd Person & Beyond

$45 per month
  • 6-17 yo

$35 per month
  • 5 & Under

Family EFT Notes and Examples

  • Qualifying groups include the following: adult couples and/or their dependent children; or one adult and their dependent children, or siblings.
  • A family membership can have no more than 2 climbers 18 or older, they are the First Person (Adult) & Second Person memberships. Any additional person must be under 18 and they will pay the "3rd Person & Beyond" rate, which varies based on age.
  • All individuals must reside at the same address and use the same card on file for billing.
  • Roommates do not quality.
  • No other discounts will be applied to the family membership.
  • Example 1: Parent 1 @ $85/month, parent 2 @ $76.50/month, 7 yo @ $45/month, 5 yo @ $35/month.
  • Example 2: Parent @ $85/month, 13 yo @ $76.50/month, 5 yo @ $35/month.

Prepaid Memberships

1 Month


Discounted rate ($94.50) available in person at the front desk. Applies to youth 17 & under, students w/ ID, active military & veterans w/ ID, 65 yo & over, AAC Members, & Portsmouth Civil Services w/ ID.

3 Months


No additional discounts available.

6 Months


No additional discounts available.



Our best deal! No additional discounts available.

Gym Membership FAQs

Still have questions?

Contact us and we'll get you an answer.

Eco-Commuter Program

Abandon the convenience of a single occupancy vehicle for the joyful company of other climbers. Ride a bike. Walk. Save gas, -money, AND earn a chance for free membership each month with the Eco-Commuter Program.

We paved a little bit of paradise to bring you our parking lot. It was what we had to do. But as many of you have discovered, there aren’t quite enough parking spaces to meet demand during some peak hours. There’s plenty of room for climbing inside and we don’t want people to get frustrated trying to find a parking space. We can’t–nor do we want to—pave any more paradise. Instead, we want to use the parking we have more efficiently.

Our Eco-commuter* Rewards Program gives Salt Pump members the chance to win free membership for your eco-commuting. We’ll also help you find carpool partners if you don’t already have them.

Eco-Commuter Monthly Raffle

The Salt Pump Carpool & Eco-commuter Program is simple:

  1. Eco-commute to Salt Pump Scarborough.
  2. Get a punch on your individual eco-commuter punch card, available now at the front desk.
  3. Once your punch card has five punches, turn it in to the front desk (make sure your name and contact info are filled out!).
  4. On the first of every month, we’ll have drawings for FREE monthly memberships and other prizes.

*Eco-commuting includes carpooling, taking the bus, or any human-powered transportation. Dogs do not count as “commuters.”

Additional details: Everyone in a carpool car qualifies for a card punch. Limit one card punch per day per person. Multiple cards may be submitted per month to the drawing. Kids qualify except when riding with their parent/guardian.