Intro Classes

Intro to Climbing & Intro to Movement.


Adult Team & Private Lessons & Personal Training.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

The urge to climb rocks is universal and we can help.

Intro Classes

Intro to Climbing

Your first step to get the most out of Salt Pump. Learn proper gear fitting, knot tying, belaying and basic movement skills from an enthusiastic and patient instructor. No skills needed. 14yo & over.

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Intro to Movement

You’ve climbed a few times (or more) and are ready to learn the fundamental movement patterns and techniques of efficiency. In a bouldering based class, you’ll get a workout, learn the jargon and walk away a smarter climber.

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Level Up

Push your climbing further

Adult Team

An 8 week program with similarly motivated individuals who want to build their skills and learn structured workouts with encouraging and supportive coaches. Season 1 is for those who’ve never done organized training before. Season 2 is for those who want to continually work towards their peak ability. No matter which team you join, the experience is inclusive, challenging, and fun.

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Private Lessons

Looking for one-on-one from an instructor to help you more efficiently reach your climbing goals or get out of a performance plateau? Want instruction but have a tricky schedule? Schedule 1:1 gym time with one of our instructors, at a pace and schedule that is right for you.

Personal Training

Rock climbing has been to shown improve cardio fitness and muscle strength while helping boost confidence and improve decision making. Our personal trainers can help you make gains with both your climbing and overall fitness. Personal training programs includes mindful workouts, integrated strength training and, of course, climbing!

Outdoor Rock Climbing

For the adventure of a lifetime

The urge to climb rocks is universal! Whether you’re interested in an enjoyable day outside on the rock or want to gain more technical skills for outdoor climbing, we’re here to make your experience fantastic. We climb at all of the classic New England crags (Pawtuckaway, Rumney, Cathedral, White Horse, Acadia and more!) and would look forward to being your risk manager and ambassador to outdoor rock climbing.

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