Deepen your climbing knowledge with our Skills Series and Seminars!


These personal or group training sessions are perfect for someone who someone looking to advance their fitness. If your climbing has plateaued, team up with our coaches to break through it. You'll hone your athleticism to learn the form and function of climbing and climbing-related exercises that work particular muscles.

Personal Training

Personal training will give you some of the best bang for your buck. You and Tino will take stock of your strength, weaknesses, goals, and current progression. You'll craft a training plan together that fits your schedule. You'll learn exercises that you can take with you after the class wraps up. Most importantly, you'll enjoy the training process. Give us a call @ 207-214-8145 to learn more about personal training.

Adult Team w/ Zack

Our Adult Team is a climbing based, movement enhancing, skill-based training program for anyone looking to push their climbing ability. This is more than a workout, it’s an apprenticeship in movement. We will climb on thoughtful routes and problems specifically designed to help us meet climbing goals, coached by a engaging instructor, who supports and pushes the team to reach personal bests. Harnessing the power of a levelized group training plan and video feedback, the Adult Team focuses on increasing our overall climbing ability through improvements in technique, strength, power, endurance, route-reading, and mental preparation.

Practice Flow: Each session is broken into four components: warm-up, technique & tactics, climbing & conditioning, and cool down.

Schedule: Every Tuesday starting Oct 2nd from 6:30 - 8:30 PM.

Price: $50/month (Any month with less than 4 practices will be prorated)

Pre & Post-Season Training

Feeling out of shape heading into the season? Want to reacquaint yourself with the exercises that are climbing-specific? This 4-part series will teach you the exercises that are crucial to your climbing health and wellness.

Stay tuned for 2018 offerings! All Salt Pump programs are also listed in our events calendar.

Meet the Coaches

tino fiumara by vince schaefer

Tino Fiumara

Head Route Setter & Adult Programs Manager
Zack Sawyer will be teaching two different three-part Trad Climbing Skills Series for Salt Pumpers this fall and early winter.

Zack Sawyer

Adult Progams Head Instructor & Outdoor Guide