Outdoor Rock Climbing Programs

Do you want to go outdoor rock climbing and just haven’t found the right opportunity yet? Allow Salt Pump to open the door for you to the great outdoors. The best part of the New England climbing season is coming and we have lined up rock climbing programs that offer premium instruction and amazing experiences. Each program takes place at a classic destination that will provide any climber with a memorable experience.

Details: All specialized climbing equipment including shoes, harnesses, ropes, crash pads, and helmets will be provided. Participants must supply their own clothing, snacks for the day, and transportation to each destination. Carpooling will be encouraged. 

All Salt Pump programs are also listed in our events calendar.

*A Minimum of 4 participants is needed to run each program, so tell your friends!

A Day of Climbing - Top Roping

In this introduction to outdoor top rope climbing, you will begin to understand the intricacies of footwork and route finding that can only be taught while climbing real rock. We’ll take turns belaying each other and climbing while enjoying one of New England’s classic rock climbing crag settings. The only pre-requisites are top rope belay proficiency and to be psyched!

SCHEDULE: All day climbing on: October 7, November 18

Meet at Salt Pump at 8am, carpool together (destination is weather dependent), climb until late afternoon.

PRICE: $120 non-members / $108 members. All necessary climbing equipment will be included.

A Day of Climbing - Bouldering

Join Vince Schaefer for a fun-filled day of outdoor rock climbing on the granite blocks of Pawtuckaway State Park. Bouldering outside is different!  Let us help you learn about the boulder fields, pad placement and the practices to help you succeed outside. No experience is necessary.

SCHEDULE: All day bouldering on October 21, November 4, December 2

Meet at Salt Pump at 8:30am, carpool together (1.5hr drive), and spend the day climbing granite under tall pine trees.

PRICE: $120 non-members / $108 SP members. All necessary climbing equipment will be included : climbing shoes, chalk, and crash pads.