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Join the tribe.

Meet new friends and discover an incredible community at Salt Pump.

Have fun, challenge yourself and meet new friends through our events, classes and meet-ups. Our facility has plenty of social spaces, including a sun-splashed mezzanine and deck over our pond. Visiting Salt Pump is the perfect way to share a quality experience with friends or family – and get a workout in, too.

Our Mission is to be the leading center for climbing, mountain adventure, and active living in Southern Maine. We strive to serve our community by always reflecting the core values of the outdoors world.

We believe in trying hard and laughing often – and in honoring everyone with the inner courage to try new things.

We believe in unleashing the power of physical movement through inspired design. Indoors or out, a crag should offer more than a physical outlet – it should provide a bit of spiritual rejuvenation, too.

We believe in education (for kids and kids at heart!). After all, adventure, at its core, is about learning new things.

We believe in the spirit of the New England outdoors community, and celebrating those salt-of-the-earth characters who are at its core. Meet new friends at Salt Pump!

“Climbed for, what, 8 hours today? Took a nice break on the couches for snacks and reading some of the books from the awesome library, met loads of new people and friends…. Always a great time!!!”

– Sue, Facebook reviewer

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