The Home Sessions: Will on Core

Hey Salt Pumpers,

Will here with a few ways I like to keep my core in tip top shape when I’m not at the gym. I’m self quarantined here in my apartment and I have limited workout equipment at my disposal. I get very bored with planking for 10 minutes at a time so I try to keep my core workouts as interesting as possible. I’ll be showing you a few exercises you can do to spruce up your own core routine. I really miss seeing everyone at the gym and can’t wait to get back. Hang in there and we can all get through this and get back to trying hard and laughing often.


Will Wild

Exercise 1: Around The World

The goal of this exercise is balance and coordination. Start with your hands and feet equidistant from each other like they’re at the corners of a big square. Then pick up your opposite hand and foot (Ex. Right hand and Left foot). Your foot goes under your body (always) and your hand goes over your body. Try to place your hands and feet back at the corners of your square. Then pick up the opposite hand and foot and repeat until you’ve done 1 revolution and are back in the starting position facing the same direction. If done correctly you turn 90 degrees every time. This exercise can be done in both directions. If you have a partner you can have them call out direction changes for an added mental challenge. 

It can be scaled by going slower or faster. Can you go around the world and back at snail speed?

Exercise 2: Weighted Passes

First find a decent weight for your exercise. I’m using a triple rack in a haul bag… because climbing. Start in a seated position then lower to 45 degrees. Pick up the weight and pass it to the other side then reach back and touch the ground where it came from. Reach back and grab the weight and pass it again. If you have a partner you can pass the weight back and forth. 

It can be scaled by changing the weight, changing how fast or slow you go, or leaning further back or forward. 

Exercise 3: Eccentric Dragonflies

This exercise requires just a door frame but can also be done with a bed frame or heavy couch. Start with your head through the door frame and press your palms against the trim. Lift your legs and then your hips so that your body is as vertical as possible. Then, keeping your body straight, lower your legs back to the ground. Some extra padding under the shoulders is helpful on this one. 

It can be scaled by bending your knees or waist, or limiting the range that you lower through.