The Home Sessions: Ara on Therabands

Therabands are a must have item for any climber or athlete… especially one stuck working out in their basement or garage! The range of uses and applications make it one of the most cost efficient workout tools out there. Here are a few of Coach Ara’s favorite ways to band out.

Abdominal Exercises

If your floor core is a bore, bands can add some more! Scale up the difficulty of movements like bicycles or leg lifts by adding tension from the band.

Lock Offs

Therabands are a fantastic, dynamic tool to reduce the difficulty of a movement. You can easily scale down hard exercises, like the one arm lock-off or pull-up using a theraband on your bar or hangboard. Much easier than a bunch of pulleys!

Pro-tip: When doing one arm pulls, Make sure to hold the band cross-body with the opposite arm to engage proper rotation.


Do you I,T,Y? If you’re a climber, chances are that you do. If not, get on it. These three simple movements are incredible for building scapular strength and stability.

If you’re new to bands, they come in a range of thicknesses that deliver more or less tension. You can get fully looped bands, or purchase cut lengths or spools.

Stay strong and stay psyched! We’ll climb again soon!