Taki and Tino on ‘Love Maine Radio’

What does ‘Salt Pump’ mean?

Can climbing help make the world a better place?

Where are Tino and Taki’s favorite climbing areas?

How does Salt Pump staff work with someone who has a fear of heights?


Taki (our General Manager) and Tino (our Head Routesetter and Assistant Program Director) were recently in studio at Love Maine Radio with Dr. Lisa Belisle to talk about the inspiration behind Salt Pump and their perspectives on adventure.

Give it a listen – press ‘play’ on the embedded audio below or go to the Love Maine Radio website¬†(the portion of the show featuring Tino and Taki starts at 24:49).


“You can do it indoors together, you can do it for fitness, you can do it for relaxation, and then you can travel the world, because there is really no place in the world that doesn’t have some form of climbable stone.” -Tino