Rainy Day Activities: Indoor Climbing!

Looking for rainy day activities during your Maine beach vacation? Come climb at Salt Pump!

Here at Salt Pump, we tell it like it is. And the reality is that despite Maine’s reliance on tourism, there’s sometimes a little undertone of outsider resentment. It mostly manifests itself when we see out-of-state drivers bringing their out-of-state driving techniques to our roads. But at Salt Pump, we don’t judge based on license plates. Are you psyched to try climbing or want to stay in shape while on vacation? Or maybe the weather on your Maine beach vacation has you searching for rainy day activities to keep the kids occupied? Then we’re psyched to have you!

A trip to Salt Pump isn’t your average trip to a climbing gym. Our site is nestled on a little pond and our large windows and deck overlooking the water and trees are a little slice of heaven just off the highway—something we think is unique to Maine and why we chose to build our gym here.

You can plan your visit to Salt Pump ahead by registering for one of our classes or you can play it by ear and just pop in if the weather outside is bad. If you call ahead, we may be even able to schedule an intro-to-climbing class or arrange a private belayer for your party later that same day. Even without taking a class, there’s plenty you can climb at Salt Pump within our extensive bouldering (climbing without ropes) area and with our autobelays (a machine that runs the ropes for you so a climber can climb without a person belaying). Learning a new activity like climbing while sharing quality time together helps brings families together, and there’s plenty of room on our deck or sun-splashed mezzanine for post-climb snacking and socializing!

Salt Pump is less than ten minutes from the Portland International Jetport, and climbing is a great way to end your Maine vacation if you have a few hours before an outgoing flight.

We look forward to seeing you and making your Maine vacation even better. Consider a visit to Salt Pump among your rainy day activities options!