Introducing Our Camp Director, Trish Cloutier

Please join us in welcoming Trish Cloutier as Salt Pump’s Summer Camp Director! Trish has worked with adolescents in an outdoor setting for programs all over New England and in the Rocky Mountains. Originally from the Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire, she still loves spending her free time adventuring in the White Mountains. Trish is currently studying to be a nurse, working on EMT certification, and advancing her skills in climbing and sea-kayaking.

Regarding the upcoming Summer Camp season at Salt Pump, Trish says: “I’m excited to introduce more kids to climbing and help them advance their skills. I think it is so important for kids to try adventure activities, especially climbing. Climbing helps kids gain confidence, develop decision making and problem solving skills, and build both mental and physical strength. We have so many awesome campers and staff joining us at camp, it is going to be a blast!”

Here is some fun and some random additional information about Trish:

  • Her first rock climbing experience was at Jockey Cap in Fryeburg. “When I was in high school, we used to boulder during lunch or after school because it was right across the street.”
  • Her ‘spirit animal’ is a Great Blue Heron.
  • Alaska is the only state in the US that she hasn’t yet visited.
  • Two random things that she considers interesting about herself are that she is really good at color coding things and she once rode a sea turtle in Costa Rica.
  • If she could have a B-rated super power it would be telepathic-wedgies. “So when someone does something mean, I could give them a wedgie and they wouldn’t know where it came from.”
  • Something she learned recently is how to eskimo roll a sea kayak.
  • Her dream celebrity road trip posse would be Seth Rogen and Jack Black. “They are both hilarious and Jack Black can sing – so I would stay entertained and we would have killer sing-along harmonies.”