Connect to SP with LogMyClimb! – Free download on Saturday!

Would you find it convenient to see a list of all of the routes and problems in the gym sorted by grade or setter?  Have you ever thought it would be fun to track what you climb each session to see your progress over time?  Perhaps you’ve wondered if there was a better way to judge the popularity of a climb rather than by judging by the amount of chalk on it.

salt pump natural lightThere is an answer and it’s free to the Salt Pump Community on Saturday, September 19th, on the day of our Grand Opening celebration. It is LogMyClimb.  

You can use LogMyClimb to search through all of the routes and boulders at Salt Pump Climbing to find what you want most.  Do you want to climb the newest things?  Then search by date.  Do you want to climb all of the 5.10b routes or all of the V3s?  Then search by grade.  Do you feel that climbing on Yellow holds makes you happier?  You don’t need LogMyClimb for that, just go do it!  We’ve got plenty of them.  

Just like you, we here at Salt Pump like to track our progress over time.  We want to know how you think we are doing.  This app allows you to seamlessly give us feedback on the routes and boulders.  Does something feel too easy for the grade…let us know!  Are there not enough sloper climbs…let us know!  Do you really love the routes that Tino sets…then let us know!

salt pump top ropingWe want to give you the best experience possible, so we need your communication and feedback to make sure we are providing our members with enough diversity, enough challenge, and enough pure fun.  

Available in both the AppStore and through Android, LogMyClimb is your stop after the most important part of your day – climbing at Salt Pump, of course!  Track your progress and give us feedback…an example of a win-win situation.  Remember, it’s only free on Saturday, September 19th, for our Grand Opening Celebration!  We look forward to seeing you there for the party!