Carpool or Bike to Salt Pump, Qualify to Win Free Membership

Salt Pump Eco-Commuter Program

Abandon the convenience of a single occupancy vehicle for the joyful company of other climbers. Ride a bicycle. Walk. Save gas, money AND earn a chance for free membership each month.

We paved a little bit of paradise to bring you our parking lot. It was what we had to do. But as many of you have discovered, there aren’t quite enough parking spaces to meet demand during some peak hours. There’s plenty of room for climbing inside and we don’t want people to get frustrated trying to find a parking space. We can’t–nor do we want to—pave any more paradise. Instead, we want to use the parking we have more efficiently.

So we’re launching our Eco-commuter* Rewards Program this Earth Day for Salt Pump members. We’ll give you the chance to win free membership for your eco-commuting, and we’ll help you find carpool partners if you don’t already have them.

Part 1: Eco-Commuter Monthly Raffle

The Salt Pump Carpool & Eco-commuter Program is simple.

  1. Eco-commute to Salt Pump.
  2. Get a punch on your individual eco-commuter punch card, available now at the front desk.
  3. Once your punch card has five punches, turn it in to the front desk (make sure your name and contact info are filled out!).
  4. On the first of every month, we’ll have drawings for FREE monthly memberships and other prizes.

Part 2: Share-a-ride Facebook Group

The Salt Pump Share-a-Ride Facebook Group is a closed group (but open to all to join!) to facilitate easy carpooling.

Just visit this link and request joining the group, and post requests for rides or passengers.

*Eco-commuting includes carpooling, taking the bus, or any human-powered transportation. Dogs do not count as “commuters.”

Additional details: First drawing is June 1, 2016. Everyone in a carpool car qualifies for a card punch. Limit one card punch per day per person. Multiple cards may be submitted per month to the drawing. Kids qualify except when riding with their parent/guardian.