September 19 Salt Pump Bounty Hunt Details

Avast ye booty loving scallywags!!

On the Bounty Hunt each climber is going to have to raid their arsenal of skills to get through these challenges. If the challenge prove to be too much of a match, they’ll be walking the plank (and have a great time doing it!)

The willing and adventurous have a few different challenges to choose from, and all of them will make for some fantastic spectator fun. All we’re askin’ is a mere $10 to climb all day on September 19 (normal day pass rate is $17!) – and those who wish to just try out climbing can do so for free.

Be the First or Be the Last!

There are six rewards that only six buccaneers can win!

The Fissure of Fear
Davey Jones’ grandest bounty ($1000 for the on-sight) goes to the first plundering of the fissure of fear (the hard hard crack). On the right side of the shield, on the tower formation, is a crack that will challenge all hands on deck. It hasn’t been sent yet, so be the first and go down in infamy forever!

The Fissure of Fright
The hard crack is the fissure that splits the right side of the Yellow Wall. Jam your way to $100 while onlookers motivate you from the Mezzanine. This line has a smattering of all types of jams…how long can you keep it together?!

The Fissure of Fright

The Fissure of Fright

Landlubber’s Loot

On the other side of our sea of climbing, in terrain steeper than a ship’s hull, are a trifecta of boulder problems (V9/V10) that may just pull you into the deep no matter how hard you claw at them. There is no limit on the number of tries, but the first pebble wrestler to send these beasts will sail away with the bounty ($100)!

Davey Jone’s Locker

Take your swashbuckling skills to the Shagg-inspired lead wall and try to take down the center blue route (5.13-). If you don’t send it first try, then recoup for a final effort. You’re only allowed two tries if you seek the bounty ($100), but you can still feel free to spend the rest of your skin and energy on it for your own fancy!

The Scurvy Stopper
In the middle of the lead wall is a tenacious orange route (5.13-) that will keep you on your toes and make you think, crimp, pinch, and pocket your way to the top. One poorly chosen hold and your sequence may leave you high and dry with only the rope to save you! However, if you bring this lady a rose, she may bequeath you a pirate’s bounty ($100)!

Placin’ the Black Spot
On the right side of the lead wall is a black route (5.13-) that winds out of the archway through some sloping trickery and makes it’s way to the plank. Get what rest you can, then power your way to the top and an awaiting bounty ($100)!

Lead wall treasure map
Lead wall treasure map

Endless Bounty

Here are two challenges for everyone! At Salt Pump, we are here for fun, for climbing, and to motivate and inspire each other to challenge ourselves and grow. (Aye, and to tell lots of bad pirate jokes.) Here is an opportunity to leave it all on the wall and claim a prize of your choice at the Bounty Table. Shiver me timbers!

OPTION 1: Successfully climb six routes, lead or top rope, in one of the following grades: 5.8, 5.10, 5.12. This isn’t about the number, matey, it’s about giving it your all and possibly achieving something you’ve never done before.

OPTION 2: Climb your personal best. Break through and climb your most challenging route ever – roped or bouldering – and bounty will be yours!

Any further questions about the competition or Grand Opening? Contact us and we’ll set your straight!


Salt Pump Bounty Hunt