The Way of the Axe: Learn to Ice Climb with Salt Pump

The forecast last Saturday was grim: 1-2 inches of snow, rain, and slush in the Portland area. But rather then stay at home and watch the Patriots game, a few intrepid Salt Pumpers made their way north to the White Mountains to learn to ice climb for our inaugural Winter 2016 outdoor event. Offered in conjunction with Cathedral Mountain Guides, these unique programs combine an indoor skills seminar, an avalanche awareness class, and a full day of outdoor adventure. With the help of ace guide Erik Eisele and Salt Pump programming specialist Zack Sawyer, these athletic gals far exceeded expectations for a “beginner” day of climbing and were top-roping vertical ice by the end of the day!








Interested in trying some winter climbing in the White Mountains for yourself? Salt Pump is offering several more programs this season, check out your options here: