Salt Pump will re-open June 24th


Salt Pump will open on June 24. The following is a summary of our hours of operations, access, and COVID-related risk management guidelines to meet State of Maine COVID19 Prevention Checklist Industry Guidance for Gyms and Fitness Centers with the aim of minimizing the exposure to COVID-19 to you, our staff, and community.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tue – Friday: 12PM – 8PM
  • Sat: 9AM – 8PM
  • Sun: 9AM – 6PM 

Access Guidelines: 

• We will be open to anyone who has previously climbed at Salt Pump. If you do not currently have a waiver on file with us you will not be allowed in. 

• No reservations will be required EXCEPT on your first visit back where you will be required to take a one-time orientation on Salt Pump’s COVID-related risk management measures. This is our first line of defense. We want to all be on the same page. 

• Our capacity, not including staff, will be 30. Once we reach our capacity, no one will be permitted into the facility until we are again below our capacity. Our website will prominently display a real-time numbers of usage at any time. 

Salt Pump’s COVID-related Risk Management Guidelines: 

• We will ask that you acknowledge that you are not sick, do not have a fever, and are not experiencing flu-like symptoms.

• Everyone must wear a mask at all times - even while climbing. Masks will be available for purchase.

• Specific areas of the facility will have there own capacity limits: the roped area (20 people), the bouldering area (10 people), and the itness equipment (campus board, hangboards, etc.) area (2 people).

• We will ask that you use liquid chalk. No dry chalk or chalk bags will be allowed.

• Social distancing rules must be followed.

• No rental gear will be available. 

• No dogs or pets of any kind other than registered service animals will be allowed inside the building.

• We will ask that you hand-sanitize before and after every climb and as often as you can. 

• Water fountains will not be available. A water bottle filling station will be available.

• Those in non-compliance with our COVID-related risk management measures will be asked to leave.

• No cash transactions will be allowed.

Notwithstanding these and other COVID-related risk management procedures, we cannot guarantee that any of these measures will protect you from contracting COVID-19. While we are excited to open, we will also be vigilant. We will update our guidelines and plans as the situation within and outside of our facility dictates. 

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions or feedback. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We look forward to welcoming you back into Salt Pump.

Please check-out our Covid19 Orientation page for more details on our policies, a list of frequently asked questions, and to schedule your orientation tour today!