Member Spotlight: Mark and Debbi Currier


Mark and Debbi Currier joined Salt Pump earlier this year. In the few brief months we’ve known them, we’ve been inspired by their powerful psyche for the sport of climbing, and impressed at their ability to squeeze visits to Salt Pump into their extra-hectic day-to-day lives.

1. Where is “home”?

Milton, NH.

2. What’s the best thing about living in NH?

We are 1 hour from the mountains, 1 hour from the ocean, 90 mins from Boston and enjoy it all.

3. What’s the worst thing about living in NH?

Can’t think of one… We have traveled across the country and there is no place like home.

4. How long have you been climbing for?

We have been climbing now for approximately one year.

5. What makes climbing unique and/or different from other forms of physical activity?

We both cycle, Deb rows also. For us its the enjoyment of being together, working out together and yet you are still working on your individual goals.
Tandem Bike (Divorce Bike)!

6. What is your biggest climbing goal for the next year?

Deb- outdoor climbing. Mark – Ice Climbing.

7. What is your biggest non-climbing goal for the next year?

Traveling to the Great Smokey Mountains with our son Tyler. We have visited many national parks traveling by motorhome. The Smokies and the Blue Ridge Parkway is next on the list.

8. If you were completely immobilized in a hospital bed for a year, what hobby would you do?

Intense PT to get back to SaltPump to harass Vince and Tino!

9. What’s the hardest you’ve tried recently?

Mark- Climbing Trapped like a Rat at the Gunks with Paradox Sports or Tinos One Legged Popsicle route at SaltPump (tried and completed).

10. What’s the hardest you’ve laughed recently?

Watching our 8 year old grandson Jack eat sushi for the first time. Mark went on a trip to Kennedy space Center with Jack. “Two Rules” 1st no whining 2nd You have to try something new everyday. In the airport on the way home ,Jack decides sushi!(airport sushi) and YES Mark had to abide by the same rules. The event was videoed for the family to enjoy.

11. Who inspires you to try hard?

Our youngest son Tyler.

12. What’s your greatest strength?

The ability for the both of us to adapt to the challenges that we face.

13. What’s your biggest weakness?

Mark – Patience. Deb- Cooking “No home needs a kitchen”.

14. Why do you climb?

Our son Tyler is developmentally disabled and requires 24 hour care. Climbing has provided us 4-5 hours of respite per week.