Can I Make Gains In My Climbing With More Overall Strength, Fitness and Endurance?

“I have really enjoyed Melissa’s HIIT classes.  Every time the workout is different, with new moves and challenges. I love having a surprise each session.  She also doesn’t let you “cheat” – she makes me work HARD!  I have been feeling stronger.  Where I notice it most is my running….I have run for years , but since I have been taking her class consistently, I find that I am running faster!  And I can tighten my climbing harness a bit tighter…never a bad thing! ” – Liz Lanoue, member

By Melissa McAllister, Salt Pump Fitness Instructor

Can I Make Gains In My Climbing With More Overall Strength, Fitness and Endurance?

Most would answer yes to this question. This is why my HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style classes are a perfect complement for Salt Pump climbers who are looking to make those gains. And there is science to back the benefits, too.

Curious what happens during a HIIT class? Each one is geared toward providing a full body workout while improving endurance. Many exercises are perfect for preparing your back, core, arms and shoulders for climbing. We utilize kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, battle rope (which is super bad ass), agility ladder, our own body weight and more in a 50 minute class that is fast paced, encouraging and dare I say FUN! We move through a series of 8 intervals for a timed period at near maximum effort with a minimum rest period in between intervals.  Every movement can be modified for all levels of fitness.

So, come see what it is all about and improve your overall strength and endurance!!

HIIT classes with Melissa take place on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-9:50am at Salt Pump and are free with entry to the gym.