These personal or group training sessions are perfect for someone looking to advance their climbing abilities. If you're new to the sport, jump start your progression. If you've been climbing for a while but feel like you've plateaued, team up with our coaches to break through it. You'll hone your athleticism through a combination of on-the-wall climbing drills to improve technique and supplemental exercises like hang boarding, plyometrics, and weight lifting that target the muscles climbers need to grow stronger and stay healthy.

Adult Team

Our Adult Team is a climbing based, movement enhancing, skill-based training program for anyone looking to push their climbing ability. This is more than a workout, it’s an apprenticeship in movement. Harnessing the power of personalized periodized training plans, the Adult Team focuses on increasing overall climbing ability through improvements in technique, strength, power, endurance, route-reading, and mental preparation.

Practice Flow: Each session is broken into four components: warm-up, technique & tactics, climbing & conditioning, and cool down.

Please note: Registration price does not include entry. So, we recommend signing up for an EFT membership or getting an 11 punch pass, if you're not already a member.


Adult Team 2023 Fall Season

Adult Team!

For those who have not participated in Adult Team before... Everyone is welcome here! Under the tutelage of our coaches, you will learn fundamental training principles, have loads of fun, and, we promise - you will dramatically improve. 

Led by Coach Krystina

SCHEDULE:  Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. from October 18th - December 20th

PRICE: $240

The Salt League!

Ready to put your skills to the test?

The Salt League is a members only competitive 8-week program that pits teams of four against each other to earn points by climbing based on individual skill level and effort. Weekly challenges will be mostly rope-climbing based (don’t worry, there will be bouldering) so an SP belay certification is required, otherwise there is no minimum requirement of skill or experience.

Our tier based scoring system creates a level playing field for novice and expert climbers alike so everyone has an equal chance to win! Compete for fun, for bragging rights, and to grow your skills by trying hard... and laughing often! You might even win some sweet prizes.

Get your crew together, nominate your team captain, and throw down with us every  Don’t have a team? Sign up and we can connect you with other members looking to join a squad!...$5 discount for Adult Team alumni!



  • Member at Salt Pump Climbing 
  • Salt Pump Top Rope Belay Certification
  • Spirit Color shirts for the team

Personal Training

Personal training is the fastest and most reliable path to take your climbing to the next level. Our Coaches will do a comprehensive assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and current progression. Then, they'll work with you to craft a training plan that fits your schedule. Along the way, you'll learn exercises and training techniques that you can take with you after class wraps up to continue growing as a climber. Most importantly, we promise you'll enjoy the training process.

If you're committed to improving, purchase a five-hour punch card and save $75!

Schedule: By private arrangement - give us a call @207-219-8145 to learn more.

1 Hour : $75 

1 Month Training Plan : $150 

Punch Card : $350 / 5 hours 

Meet the Coaches