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Welcome to the Salt League!

8 weeks of trying hard, having fun and meeting motivated climbers (like yourself)!

Every week during our session climbers will earn points based on a weighted scoring system, relative to the climbers “Flash Level” or the hardest grade that climber can usually flash:

Flash Level Ranking

L1 - 5.6-5.7

L2 - 5.8-5.9

L3 - 5.10a/b

L4 - 5.10c/d

L5 - 5.11a/b

L6 - 5.11c/d

L7 - 5.12a/b

L8 - 5.12c/d

Top Rope & Lead Scoring

Flash Level - 2 =  0 points
Flash Level - 1 = 5 points
Flash Level = 10 points
Flash Level + 1 = 15 points
Flash Level + 2 = 20 points
Additional Point Opportunities :
Lead Climb = +2 points
Spirit Clothing = 1 point per item

Bouldering Scoring

Onsight Tag Problem =  5 points
One over Onsight Tag = 10 points
Two over Onsight Tag = 15 points

For example, an L3 (5.10a/b) climber will earn 20 points for sending a 5.11a.


  • Flash Level is self selected but all scores will be reviewed and confirmed on a weekly basis by the League Commissioner (Ara). Any climber who sends a route that is more than two Flash Levels above their own will get bumped up to the next Level.
  • For example, an L3 climber who sends a 5.11c (L6 climb) will be considered and scored as an L4 climber from that week on.
  • Sending 3 or more routes that are two Flash Levels above their own will also result in the climber getting bumped up one Level.
  • Refer to this SHARED SCORESHEET for updated weekly standings and team info.


  • Prizes will be awarded to all members of the winning team.
  • Prizes include: one month of membership, approach shoes, and chalk. With additional prizes still to come!


Each team of four will select :

Team Name + Team Captain + Team Color (first come, first serve for color choices!).

If a competitor misses one of our sessions, teams can sub in a climber for the night or have their lowest individual score counted twice if a sub cannot be found. Scores will be updated weekly on a shared Google Sheet.

Email [email protected] with any questions and get ready to throw down!