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We are currently taking bookings for guided outdoor climbing programs.

Whether you've just discovered climbing, or have been climbing in the gym for years, outdoor climbing is a sport for everyone. In fact, if you visit any of New England's legendary crags like Rumney, Cathedral Ledge, or the sea cliffs of Acadia National Park, you'll find groups of all ages and abilities amiably intermingling and sharing the crag as one community. Because climbing is a low-impact sport compared to skiing or hiking, many keep at it well into their seventies or eighties!

For families, a day out climbing provides both parents and children with a dose of exercise and adventure - and creates an indelible memory for all.

The transition from inside to outside can be intimidating, but our professional guides will ensure your day is seamless. 

The outdoor climbing season typically runs from April - November.

Details: All specialized climbing equipment including shoes, harnesses, ropes, crash pads, and helmets will be provided. Participants must supply their own clothing, snacks for the day, and transportation to each destination. Carpooling will be encouraged.


Private Guided Climbing

Have our experienced guides take you and your group through any climbing area in the Mount Washington Valley, Acadia National Park, Pawtuckaway, or the White Mountains! Anywhere in New England is your oyster, but if you want to go further afield, we can handle that too. The Gunks or Adirondacks in upstate NY are also in our wheelhouse. Give us a call or fill out the form below to set up your dream climbing day!

Within 75 mi: 

  • 1 person: $350
  • 2 people: $250/person
  • 3 people: $225/person
  • 4 people: $175/person

Outside 75 mi: Call or fill out the form below to inquire!


Zack Sawyer

Zack Sawyer was born and raised in the green hills of Southeastern Vermont where he played football, soccer, martial arts, and "read a lot", before heading south to study as an undergrad at Georgetown University. While he was living around Washington D.C., he discovered climbing through the student trips program at school. Pretty soon, he was working at the Rockville Earthtreks Climbing Center. When he graduated with a degree in philosophy, Zack's first inclination was to find a way to return to New England, climb as much as possible, and share his passion.

Zack has worked as an instructor, coach, and outdoor guide at Salt Pump since 2015. He's a certified SPI Instructor and Apprentice Rock Guide with the A.M.G.A., a wilderness first responder, and an avid devote of the Climb Strong training philosophy. 

Zack's next challenge? Learning to code in javascript. 


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