Rainy Day Activity

Bad weather? School closed? Beach ruined?

The perfect rainy day activity, instead of sitting still at the movies or having your kids bounce off the walls at home, give indoor rock climbing a try! Our 45' walls give first-timers and experts alike a full-body workout as well as a mental challenge. While here, take advantage of our Yoga & Fitness classes at no additional cost. Check out the photos and info below, and take a break from the rain, snow, or other inclement weather!


Day Pass


  • $12.50 for kids 12 and under.
  • Full access to climbing and fitness facilities for the day, including re-entry. You can do as many climbs as you'd like.
  • 10% discount for students, military, Boomers, and American Alpine Club members.


Day passes and punch cards do not include rental equipment. EFT & Prepaid memberships includes free rental equipment for the first month, and may be continued by joining the Rental Club for $20. First time members will have the opportunity to earn $10 rentals for the second month.

All climbers in the area of the gym reserved for roped climbing are required to use a harness. Climbing shoes are not required, but highly recommended. If not climbing shoes, please bring with you a pair of clean, indoor, closed-toed athletic shoes to use. Belay device and carabiner are only required for those who will be belaying. Many climbers use chalk while climbing to keep hands dry.

  • Climbing shoe rental: $6
  • Harness Rental: $6
  • Belay device and locking carabiner rental: $3
  • Chalk bag rental: $3
  • Shoes + Harness + Belay device/carabiner rental: $13


Mon - Fri
12PM to 10PM
9 AM - 8 PM
9 AM - 6 PM



Enjoy your rainy day activity and looking for even more of a challenge? Check out our Intro To Climbing Class or Skill Seminars to further your climbing education!