Team Salt Pump

Team Salt Pump is a youth climbing team for self-motivated kids ages 8-19 who want to take their climbing to the next level. Through structured training sessions, team members will strengthen their technical skills, fitness, and climbing ability. With the guidance of our USAC certified coaches, the team will explore all aspects of the sport to help them improve their climbing. Team members will learn about proper nutrition, injury prevention, resting, mental preparation, and route reading.


Team Salt Pump will practice on Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays (4p-6p) for the 2022 Fall bouldering season.


Unfortunately Team Salt Pump is not accepting new climbers onto the Team roster this Bouldering season. We will revisit the addition of new team members in December at the end of the QE season.


Head Coaches : Taki Miyamoto & Tino Fiumara

Asst Coaches : Alison O'Donnell, Brendan Conlon and Owen Scoville

Teams Breakdown

Competition Team

  • Placement on Competition Team requires a high level of skill, motivation, and a drive to compete.
  • Team members are required to attend the Salt Pump Competition and at least one other local competition for both sport and bouldering seasons. And must attend Regional Championship if qualified.
  • Team members must commit to a practice schedule of three times per week.

Development Team

  • Placement on Development Team requires a high level of commitment, maturity, and a drive to compete.
  • Over time, all Development Team members are expected to make the transition to Competition Team.
  • Development Team members are required to attend the Salt Pump Competition in each season and are encouraged to attend other competitions.

Pricing is $275 per month. This includes a membership to Salt Pump. Competition registration, personal climbing gear, mini-camps and field trips, and other programming will carry additional cost.