Covid Update – December 3rd, 2020

moon over SP3

On December 1st a customer informed us that they tested positive for COVID-19 based on a test conducted on the same day. The customer was asymptomatic at the time and is now quarantining at home. The customer was last in the facility on Tuesday, November 24th. Anyone who was in the facility during the duration of this customer's visit was immediately contacted. Our staff have also been tested and have received negative results or are awaiting results.

We will stay open given the time elapsed since the customer was last in our facility. This will be the third time we have made this call. Although difficult, this time and times before, we made the decision by consistently and, we believe, correctly applying the guidance from our local and state government as well as our understanding of the best practices being followed at our schools for determining quarantining and other COVID-19 prevention protocols. The process is continuously evaluated with the goal of doing what we can to remain open while having the well-being of you, our staff, and the larger community an overarching priority.

We do our best to stay up-to-date and, in some cases, ahead of the available guidance. For example, we have always required masks at all times in our facility and made significant facility changes and investments to minimize the risk. We are now also evolving our means of communication about information we receive regarding a customer in our facility who has tested positive. In our prior two instances, we communicated directly with those who were in the facility at the same time as the customer with a positive test result and posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Going forward, in the event that we learn of a customer with a positive test result was in our facility, we will:

  • make a best effort to reach out to every customer that was in the facility at the same time as the customer with a positive test result;
  • send an email to all members that have an active membership the date that the customer with a positive test result was in the facility;
  • but we will not make a general post to our Instagram and Facebook pages unless a decision is made to close the facility.

We are discussing internal means other than Instagram and Facebook to ensure that everyone has access to accurate information. One such possible idea is to keep this information updated on our website. If you have reason to believe that we have not reached you via email, please update your contact information easily with our Membership Change Form.

As always, we thank you for your support for Salt Pump and we hope we are “doing good” by you. We thank the customer who informed us of their positive test. We are repeating ourselves, but all of our protocols are ineffective without your help and cooperation. As a team, we would not be able to stay open (or come to work day after day) without such understanding and cooperation. We are stronger together and will get through this challenging time. Soon!

Thank you again. Please direct any questions to [email protected].