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The official blog of Salt Pump Climbing Co. - Featuring news, stories, tips, and inspiration for the New England climber.

New Climbing Art

Welcome, Rumney! In honor of the autumnal equinox, we’re excited to introduce a new climbing art design – in honor of our favorite sport-climbing venue. The photo was taken by local Jay Conway, and design was by Scott Whitehouse. Members are welcome to a 11×17 collectable print beginning this Thursday (9/20) at our Quarterly Party…

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From Gym to Crag: Salt Pump Kids’ Outdoor Climbing Day

Young climbers in our after-school programs have been spending time at Salt Pump learning the skills they need to get outside, including how to belay, manage ropes, read routes, and rappel. This spring, they got the chance to try their stuff on some of New Hampshire’s finest rock when the visited the “Lost Horizons” crag…

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Community Lead Route Grading Project

Community Grading Project Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Community Grading Project. Our goal was to take the grades proposed by climbers that have sent the routes,share them with the community, and use the data to improve future lead sets. It is always interesting to see how different people feel about the…

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Rest your paws!

Climbing is 90 precent resting. We are psyched to introduce this new climbing cartoon from Kerry Bernard. Kerry’s a seasoned A.T.  through-hiker and commercial designer who sells her own White Mountain inspired artwork on Etsy under the trail name Sherpa Ant. Follow her on Instagram, and stay-tuned for more Salt Pump – Sherpa Ant collaborations!

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Maine Breaks

Maine Breaks  It’s no secret that climbing and surfing go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, on certain fall days when the swell is up, it would not be a surprising sight to see a plurality of the Salt Pump management team spending elongated lunch breaks down at Higgins Beach in our hometown…

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Inside Game No. 6: Ethan Pringle

“Failures are always interesting,” Ethan Pringle muses. “That’s where you probably try your hardest, because you didn’t actually do it, so you didn’t have to give it just 80 percent, you had to give it 100 percent… and still not do it.” Ethan was eight years old when his father took him to Mission Cliffs,…

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Taking Flight, or, How to Dyno

By Henry Fitts Hips swinging, legs kicking, and bodies flying. “Dynos” have always been dramatic eye-catchers. Dyno as in dynamic. Dynamic motion is the only option for bridging the gap between holds when a static motion is not possible or in some cases just not favorable. Regardless of climbing experience it is always important to…

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Setters’ Favorite New Lead Wall Routes

By Tino Fiumara We just finished the new Lead Wall reset, resulting in 37 routes from 5.9 to 5.13b, with the majority of climbing in the 5.10 and 5.11 range. We’ve introduced colored volumes for Yellow and Blue – meaning that a Yellow volume is only for Yellow routes, etc. The Lead Wall reset is…

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Member Spotlight: Nick Woodman

A twenty-five year old Machinery Mechanic at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Nick Woodman grew up in Saco, where he played defensive end on the Thorton Academy football team and was active in the outdoor adventure club. His early adventures focused on sea kayaking, road cycling, and hiking in the White Mountains. Nick began technical climbing…

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April 7 USA Climbing Youth Sport Local Climbing Competition

Salt Pump is pleased to host a USA Climbing Youth Sport Local Climbing Competition on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Details Pre-Registration Required – Must register before April 5th @ 6pm Flash Format Competition – a strict running order will be assigned (Schedule TBD) Randomized Running Order will be posted on April 6th @ 9am Schedule will…

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Becoming a Climbing Family

  There is a certain moment when a person undergoes a metamorphosis, transforming from someone who climbs to a climber. For this family, their youngest son Declan was the catalyst for that transformation. Not only did Declan become a climber, but his family became a climbing family. Now, Declan, his brother Eamon, and parents Lee and Rachel climb as…

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