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System of the Down – Closing the Lowering System

Close the system A common and preventable cause of climbing accidents is being lowered or rappelling off the end of a rope. As experience, studies, and anecdotes (#FreeSolo) attest, it’s…

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Feb 25 2019

Member Spotlight: Cole Kohei Corbin

Cole Kohei Corbin found climbing only a little over a year ago, but he’s already going places. After quickly progressing through Salt Pump’s Lead Class and Skills Seminars, Cole graduated…

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The Load Strand Direct (LSD) – The New Kid on the Block

A relatively recent innovation, the LSD lower is primed to go mainstream. It takes the novel approach of redirecting the load rather than the brake strand. This defeats the device’s…

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Jan 16 2019

Winter Solistice 2018 Recap!

Thanks to your generous donations and raffle ticket purchases, we raised $379 for Scarborough Land Trust! Another Winter Solstice Success! A few weeks ago, we had our fourth Winter Solstice…

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Jan 15 2019

One Day at Pawtuckaway

When the Salt Pump crew hits Pawtuckaway, they try hard and laugh often in equal measure.  Each fall, as the leaves begin to drop and the air starts to chill,…

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Jan 3 2019

Conquering Cathedral Ledge

THE THRILL OF STARTING FROM THE BOTTOM By Trisha Cloutier If you have ever been to North Conway, you have seen Cathedral Ledge. Although it doesn’t  dominate the landscape like…

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Dec 6 2018

What Goes Up Must Come Down – A Lesson in Lowering from Above

  The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn… -Alvin Toffle Seldom taught are quality…

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Dec 5 2018

Cathedral Ledge’s New Masterpiece

Life, The Universe and Everything: Jay Conway on the spectacular and difficult 5.13c fourth pitch of his new line on Cathedral Ledge. Photo: Brent Doscher. ANNALS OF TRY HARD Jay…

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Dec 4 2018

The Book Wall Part II: The Book Wall Returns

From The Ministry of Routesetting It’s getting into winter now, which means it’s time to forget about those cold, snow-covered rocks, and start training for the Spring! To help you…

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Nov 19 2018

Salt Pump Circuits!

The Salt Pump bouldering area is about to get more colorful by circuit grading. This system will give a more intuitive feel to your bouldering sessions and workouts. Currently all…

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Nov 15 2018

Member Spotlight: Jean Juliano

Maine life comes easy to Jean Juliano, even if her current home in Portland is a long way from where she was raised – the island of Kaua’i in Hawaii.…

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Nov 15 2018

Inside Game no. 8: Michaela Tracy

Michaela Tracy on “Numb Thumb” (V7) at Pawtuckaway State Park. FINDING HER ZONE Michaela Tracy has always struggled to define ho­­me. The daughter of two American ex-pats, she was born…

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