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Oct 14 2015

Daylight Savings New Member Drive

Salt Pump Daylight Savings New Member Drive With daylight savings around the corner, we’re turning on the lights and pumping up the volume to serve you during the year’s darkest months. Whether you’re new to the sport or are an experienced climber, our spacious, state-of-the-art indoor crag and fitness facility is an inspiring place to…

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surfers at Higgins Beach

Oct 4 2015

Yin yoga, surfing, and feeling the love at Salt Pump

It’s hard to say this without sounding kind of cheesy, but this week I really felt like Salt Pump was more than a climbing gym for me. If it weren’t for Salt Pump, my week would have been very different, and not nearly as much fun. On Thursday, I happened to be at Salt Pump…

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Sep 18 2015

Connect to SP with LogMyClimb! – Free download on Saturday!

Would you find it convenient to see a list of all of the routes and problems in the gym sorted by grade or setter?  Have you ever thought it would be fun to track what you climb each session to see your progress over time?  Perhaps you’ve wondered if there was a better way to…

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Sep 17 2015

Salt Pump and Maine Adaptive to Partner for New Adaptive Climbing Program

SALT PUMP AND MAINE ADAPTIVE TO RAISE FUNDS FOR ADAPTIVE CLIMBING PROGRAM DURING GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19 All Are Welcome for Climbing, Prizes, Food and Refreshments  Salt Pump Climbing Co. indoor climbing gym and fitness facility is hosting a Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday September 19. Also that day, Salt Pump will be…

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Sep 10 2015

September 19 Salt Pump Bounty Hunt Details

Avast ye booty loving scallywags!! On the Bounty Hunt each climber is going to have to raid their arsenal of skills to get through these challenges. If the challenge prove to be too much of a match, they’ll be walking the plank (and have a great time doing it!) The willing and adventurous have a…

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Sep 9 2015

The Student Pass

    We’re hosting an Open House this Friday September 11 at Salt Pump – half off day passes after 6 pm and free refreshments on our deck! Come check us out and consider investing in the Student Pass – the best value membership we offer at $166.50 for three months. Includes free classes, free…

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Sep 7 2015

Salt Pump Bounty Hunt!

    $1,000 cash to onsight a climb?! That’s right! The Salt Pump Bounty Hunt, held in conjunction with our Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday September 19, will award cash prizes to whoever sends our last few unclimbed routes from the opening set. We’ll have climbing challenges that are appropriate for all levels — win…

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Sep 7 2015

Q&A with Tino Fiumara

Many of the great routes you’ve been climbing at Salt Pump you can thank Tino Fiumara for. After visiting to help with our initial route setting, he recently moved to Maine and accepted a full time position as our Head Routesetter / Assistant Program Director. Since the world is small, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that we went to college together…

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Sep 2 2015

Salt Pump Grand Opening Celebration September 19

SALT PUMP GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION AND BOUNTY HUNT COMPETITION SET FOR SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19 All Are Welcome for Climbing, Prizes, Food and Refreshments  Our Grand Opening Celebration is coming up on Saturday September 19. We’ll be open all day long for climbing and activities, followed by demonstrations, prizes, refreshments and music. The day will include a sign…

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Salt Pump Climbing Co. aims to be Maine's premier climbing gym.

Jul 20 2015


Scarborough business aims to be Southern Maine’s Home for Mountain Adventure and Climbing Lifestyle. SCARBOROUGH, Maine – July 28, 2015 – Salt Pump Climbing Co., an indoor rock climbing and fitness facility being built from the ground up on Haigis Parkway, will open its doors for the first time on July 30 at 10 am. The…

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You don't need big muscles to rock climb, anybody can do it.

Jul 15 2015

Why Anyone Can Learn to Rock Climb

Does climbing take a lot of upper body strength? Giving tours around the gym, certain questions repeatedly come up. Those new to climbing often ask “does climbing take a lot of upper body strength?” Frequently, people are concerned that without Popeye-like power, they won’t get very far up the wall. This is a bit of…

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Salt Pump has a natural setting on a pond but the comfort of indoor climbing

Jul 1 2015

Rainy Day Activities: Indoor Climbing!

Looking for rainy day activities during your Maine beach vacation? Come climb at Salt Pump! Here at Salt Pump, we tell it like it is. And the reality is that despite Maine’s reliance on tourism, there’s sometimes a little undertone of outsider resentment. It mostly manifests itself when we see out-of-state drivers bringing their out-of-state driving…

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