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You don't need big muscles to rock climb, anybody can do it.

Why Anyone Can Learn to Rock Climb

Does climbing take a lot of upper body strength? Giving tours around the gym, certain questions repeatedly come up. Those new to climbing often ask “does climbing take a lot of upper body strength?” Frequently, people are concerned that without Popeye-like power, they won’t get very far up the wall. This is a bit of…

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Salt Pump has a natural setting on a pond but the comfort of indoor climbing

Rainy Day Activities: Indoor Climbing!

Looking for rainy day activities during your Maine beach vacation? Come climb at Salt Pump! Here at Salt Pump, we tell it like it is. And the reality is that despite Maine’s reliance on tourism, there’s sometimes a little undertone of outsider resentment. It mostly manifests itself when we see out-of-state drivers bringing their out-of-state driving…

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Salt Pump Climbing is excited to welcome Alison Krayer and Vince Schaefer to the team.


Scarborough’s First Indoor Climbing Gym is pleased to announce that Vince Schaefer and Alison Krayer have joined the management team. SCARBOROUGH, Maine – June 24, 2015 – Salt Pump Climbing Co., a Maine-based climbing and fitness facility scheduled to open this summer on Haigis Parkway in Scarborough, recently welcomed Vince Schaefer and Alison Krayer as…

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