Adult Team

Similar to the youth climbing team, the adult team is a structured program for anyone looking to push their climbing ability to the next level. Through the guidance of our USA Climbing certified coaches, the adult team follows a detailed training plan to increase their strength, power, endurance and overall climbing ability. The adult team will be encouraged to compete in local competitions (such as the Dark Horse Series, Boston Boulder Brawl, Ring of Fire Series  and our own competitions), and will be coached on competition strategies, route reading, and mental preparation to help them succeed.

Flow of Practice: Each session is broken into four components: warm-up, focus activity, conditioning and cool down. The adult team follows a detailed periodized training plan that will include a volume- or skill-based phase, strength phase, power phase and power endurance phase.

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Starting Wednesday May 10th, Adult Team will be every Wednesday for 10 sessions.

The final Adult Team of the session will be on Wednesday July 12th.

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Team members will also be encouraged (not required) to represent Salt Pump in local competitions.

Per session cost: $250 non-member / $225 members (doesn’t include competition expenses)

Single Class Drop-In Rate: $40