Dojo Nights
Dojo is a Japanese term that literally means ‘place of the way’. Physical training facilities there are often referred to as dojos.

Salt Pump’s Dojo Nights provide a fun and relaxed group training experience in a  community setting. Each session, a featured ‘master-sensei’ will lead a climbing- or fitness-focused training session around a theme, such as power, endurance, heel-hooking, slopers, core strength, stealth, funk, Euro-style, Japanese-style, or just fun. Theme requests by students are welcome, just email us or talk to a staff member.

Offered every other Thursday. Check out the calendar or ask the front desk or call (207) 219-8145 for upcoming schedule and themes. Available free with entry to the gym.

We also offer more in depth and formal educational programming via our skill seminars and core curriculum, check em out!